Maremani Nature Reserve

The vegetation types and veld condition of Maremani

By Dr Noel van Rooyen.

Impala, Maremani 2022


The aim of this project was to classify, describe and map the vegetation types, assess the veld condition and determine the economic carrying capacity for grazer and browser wildlife of Maremani.

Maremani is situated in the Limpopo Province, east of Messina, between approximately 22Ε 18′ and 22Ε 32′ South, and 30Ε 13′ and 30Ε 25′ East. The reserve covers approximately 36583 ha. The area is characterised by plains, undulating and gravelly hills, rocky outcrops, higher mountain ranges, and rivers and streams. The altitude varies from approximately 427 m along the Limpopo River to 833 m at Mount Ga-Dowe on the farm Palm Grove.

The mean annual rainfall for the Maremani area varies from 331 mm at Messina in the west to342 mm at Tshipise in the south. The rainy season is predominantly from October to March with about 85% of the mean annual rainfall occurring during these months. The driest months are from June to August. The mean annual temperature measured at Messina is 23.4ΕC while the extreme maximum and minimum temperatures measured at Messina are 43.8ΕC and 2.7ΕC respectively. The area is regarded as frost free.


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