Maremani Nature Reserve
Maremani, South Africa

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Nature Conservation and Wildlife Protection since 1999

The Maremani Nature Reserve is a 40,000 ha. area of tropical savannah in northernmost South Africa that has been developed by the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation for nature conservation and wildlife protection since 1999. The reserve is close to the Limpopo River, and bordering Zimbabwe.

The mission for the Maremani Nature Reserve is the restoration of natural and secure habitats for the native African Wildlife.
Our vision is to restore and maintain the natural attributes of the environment to a level where the area represents its original state, before human impact, as closely as possible.

Through the acquisition of a number of arid hunting and infertile farming areas it has become possible to let the natural animal life and indigenous plants of the wooded savannah regenerate in a large continuous natural area with watering holes and secure habitats.

Studies & Projects

Wildlife Disease considerations

By V. DE VOS, Veterinary Ecologist. Introduction Populations of all living organisms may maintain parasitic populations. Older definitions conveyed the idea that a parasite is a form that inevitably causes harm to its host. This is not always true and it...

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