Maremani Nature Reserve

Bird Counts – 2011

Bird Counts – Maremani 2011

By Christian Hjorth, Egon Østergaard, Adam Hlungwan, Ulla Jul Sørensen, Else Hjorth, Inge Pedersen, Knud Pedersen.

The Yellow-billed Hornbill is logo for Maremani Nature Reserve.

This report presents the results of our bird counts on the properties owned by the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation in northern South Africa, close to the Zimbabwe border. As far as we know, no similar counts have been made in this area previously, and the data collected are therefore a baseline for the birdlife of the area. Due to the method used, corresponding counts can be repeated under the same conditions in a few years’ time, thereby indicating any changes that may have occurred in the avian fauna of the individual localities.

It is our hope that the counts can be used by the Foundation as documentation of the high quality of nature in the area and thereby help to secure the area’s status as an important nature reserve.


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